A serial dilution of cDNA was used to establish standard curves for each gene

The qRT amplification was carried out in a MX 3005 real time PCR system (Agilent) using Brilliant III Ultra Fast SYBR Green QPCR Master Mix (Agilent).nfl jerseys china Ten nanogram of cDNA from each sample was used as template in a three steps programme involving a denaturation at 95 for 3 followed by 40 cycles of 10 at 95 and 10 at 60 and a last step of 1 at 95 30 at 55 and 95 at 30 The relative expression and fold change of each target gene in FUMOZ R relative to FANG was calculated according to the 2 method incorporating PCR efficiency after normalisation with the housekeeping RSP7 ribosomal protein S7 (AGAP010592) and the actin 5C (AGAP000651) genes.

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